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MS Repo is a lab information management system (LIMS) that helps workgroups organize, analyze, and share MALDI mass spectrometry results. From submitting mass spec analysis orders to creating protein hit lists, MS Repo supports day-today activities in your lab with minimal overhead.

Translate microtiter plates into MALDI targets

MALDI targets provide more space than is demanded by a single experiment or project.

MS Repo tracks samples across the whole protein identification workflow. Here is the correspondence between spots on a MALDI target and wells on a microtiter plate.

Review hitlists

Hitlists, delivered by the search engine, usually include multiple hits with varying sequence coverages, numbers of identified peptides, or other scores. A detailled view on mulitple hits provide a mamimum of information to decide for the best hit or submit a request for a MS/MS analysis.


Publish hitlists

MS Repo makes it easy to conform to publication guidelines of leading journals with its powerful analysis capabilities such as evaluation of protein isoforms and filtering by sequence coverage, number of sequenced peptides etc.

Final hit list after quality control. The hit list includes attributes such as position on 2D gel, isoelectric point, molecular weight, scores, sequence coverage etc. Hit lists can be exported to Excel and archived together with raw data.

Learn more

Just call us at +49 (0) 3834 515230 or send an email to with the subject "MS Repo information request". We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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