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15 Years DECODON

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DECODON is now working for your benefit for more than 15 years! And we still enjoy working hard to improve helpful software solutions for Life Sciences: Delta2D, Paver, and MS Repo.

We like to share our joy with our customers - we wouldn't be where we are without their help. We'd like to invite all users to update their Delta2D installation.

Though we can imagine that everyone is still content with the installed version there is no doubt that the newer versions are even better.

Here is the motivation for making the update decision:

  • Get a 30% discount for updating an old version to Delta2D 4.2 (released in 2010)!
  • Additionally we provide another 15% for the update step from 4.2 to the current version 4.6 (released recently).
Delta2D 3.X > 4.2 > 4.6

To get an idea of what has been improved in the latest and some of the previous versions please read on here.

As an example, the discounted update price (plus tax, if applicable) for an
academic single seat license is:

  • only 3490 € from any 3.X version to 4.2, and
  • only 2790 € from version 4.2 to 4.6

This offer is limited until March 31, 2016!
Contact us and request a quote for your indvidual Delta2D package.

Please note:

With the beginning of next year we will terminate the support for Delta2D versions 4.1 and older.
So don't hesitate and make use of this special update offer!

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