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Delta2D 4.6 released

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New in Delta2D 4.6: Sophisticated Label Management

Working with intact proteins is of high importance, you can not just analyze a mixture of peptides and guess which proteins have been digested, ignoring e.g. PTMs, as it is often done in LC-based experiments.

However, of course you also like to know which proteins are inside a certain 2DE gel spot, and sometimes you have more than just one hit.

[img: Grouped and Selected Label]

That is why Delta2D 4.6, based upon user comments, we have introduced label grouping. That means, labels with the same text can now be grouped together, so that just one of them points to all those spots containing the same protein.

When translating labels by importing a table that contains the old labels and MS identifications, you will get additional labels for multiple hits. You can also choose whether you like to keep labels without translation or remove them.

[img: Add and Group by Translation, Remove Orphans]

Furthermore Delta2D 4.6 now includes a convenient tool for managing spot annotations: You can select multiple labels and

  • delete them,
  • group or ungroup,
  • move or copy them to another image,
  • or translate labels into protein names.

As a matter of course we are thankful for your valuable comments and did not only fixed reported bugs but also polished Delta2D, again increased the performance of the web reports, and prepared it for further improvements by adapting it to the latest Java version 8.

When will you start analyzing your 2DE gels with the most modern software? With Delta2D your get reliable results, analysis time savings, and unmet visualization. Download your free evaluation version of Delta2D 4.6 :



P.S.: Many scientists analyzing proteins confirm that they continue working with 2D electrophoresis since they know that looking just at peptides does not completely answer their questions.

We would like to learn about your opinion: Are the gel-based and the gel-free approaches competing, or do they complement each other?

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