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How can I label my spots with consecutive numbers ascending from top of the gel to the bottom?

In Delta2D you can mass label entire groups of spots with Numbers with or without prefix. If you do this in the Dual View, the labels however are not sorted at all, the numbers are randomly distributed to the spots.

If you want to have them sorted, e.g. to locate a label easier on your gel image (low numbers at the top, high numbers at the bottom), you can achieve this easily in the Quantitation Table:

  1. Locate the gel image you want to have the labels on either in the Light Table or in the Project Explorer. Right Click on it and pick "Open Quantitation Table" from the context menu.
  2. A single gel Quantitation Table opens. In the menu of this table, click on "Columns -> Y" to make the column visible, that contains the Y- values from the x/y coordinates of each spot.
  3. Click on the header of this column to sort the table by the Y-values.
  4. Now click on the Quantitation Tables menu on "Labels -> Label Unlabeled Spots With Numbers".
    (Maybe you want to delete already existing labels before)

Voil√°! Your labels are now sorted by the Y-coordinate of the spots on the gel image.

Of course you are free to use any other of the available columns as sorting criterion for enumerated labels.

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