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The installation on a modern Mac OS X does not work - installer damaged. What should I do?

Obviously, the latest Mac OS Maverick contains a bug. When you try to start the Delta2D installer on this OS, you will be prompted:

"DECODON Delta2D installer is damaged and can't be opened. You should eject this image."

Actually, this is wrong. The OS just does not trust the source of our Delta2D installer.

  • The very specific solution is to execute the following command in the Terminal - but make sure that you first changed to the directory containing the installer file:
xattr -dr Delta2D-macosx.dmg
  • Or fix this problem by changing a global system property:

System Preferences > Security and Privacy > General > Allow apps downloaded from > Anywhere

Then try again to start the Delta2D installer.

Having installed Delta2D, you can of course change the setting in your system preferences back to the original value.

More information about the Gatekeeper is available on Apple's support site.

[UPDATE 09/15/2015:] Beginning with Delta2D 4.6 this issue is resolved.

Last update on 2018-11-07 by Markus Kolbe.

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