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How do I register the full version of Delta2D?

The single-machine version of Delta2D is copy-protected by a license file that is specific to you and your computer. Initially, you get a generic license file. Registering a license gives us the information we need to make a specific license file for your computer.

  • When Delta2D does not already detect a valid license during installation or when starting Delta2D, you will be prompted for a license file. Please click on the "Import" button and select the license file you either found on your cd, received by e-mail or downloaded from your private download area.
  • The dialog shows a button "Register" now. Please click on the button and follow the instructions to send us your registration request by email. The registration request contains an identification code for your computer. Meanwhile you can start using Delta2D in Demo mode.
  • We will process your request and send you the valid registration key, or a new license file corresponding to your computer.
  • (Re-)Start Delta2D to obtain the registration dialog again and complete the registration with the registration key or the registered license file we sent by email.
    Option 1: you received a license key. A license key looks like this:
    In the licensing dialog, click on the button "Enter license key". Copy the license key (without any spaces) from your e-mail into the dialog and press OK.
  • Option 2: you received a license file. The license file ("registered license file") contains a key that is specific to your computer. Please save the file from your e-mail to some place on your computer. In the Delta2D registration dialog, click on "Import license file" and select the license file.
  • Now your copy of Delta2D is fully licensed and operates in full mode.

Last update on 2012-10-09 by Detlev Bielz.

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