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What's new in Delta2D 4.6

Sophisticated Label Management

Label Selection

Want to select a number of labels and copy this selection to another image? No problem, label selection is now available.

For selected labels the same operations are available as for single labels:

  • Delete
  • Adjust
  • Move
  • Copy

Label Grouping

Having identified spots you learn that some spots contain the same protein? Avoid multiple labes with the same text by grouping them - you just keep one label pointing to the different spots.

Grouped Label
Translate Labels Dialog

Label Translation

No need to copy and paste protein identifications into the label fields to annotate spots according to the MS results. Just import a translation list containing old and new label texts. the list can even include multiple identifications - you will receive multiple labels for the same spot then.

If the list contains the same identifications for more than one spot you can let Delta2D automatically group them so that you see just one label pointing to every spot containing this protein.

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