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What's new in Delta2D 4.7

Unique Report for Comparing 2D Western Blots and 2D Gels

Blotting Report

The detection, identification, or quantification of process-related impurities from host cell proteins (HCP), undesirable in final products, became more important during the last years. 2D Western Blotting is the state-of-the-art technology for the determination of HCP coverage.

Since more then 10 years Delta2D enables you to find interesting proteins most reliably and in shortest time in an easy to learn workflow, for both single (chemiluminescence or colorimetric) and multiplex (fluorescence) detection approach.

Blotting Report

For a more comprehensive presentation of your analysis results we added the Blotting report in Delta2D 4.7. It extends the benefits of the known reports by an unique individual workflow for the comparison of 2D WB and 2DE gels.

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In our classic workflow you detect the consensus spot pattern on a fusion image and transfer it to all other images to get 100 % spot matching. However, to enable the determination of coverage values between Western Blots and Gel images, finally you have to narrow down the spot sets on the individual images by given constraints. To do so, Delta2D offers powerful filter tools in the spot tables as well as complex algorithms and tests in the analysis module. Once you have your individual spot sets per image, the new Blotting report will do the rest for you.

If you are interested in a customized and automatic report version - just ask our application team.

As a matter of course we want to thank all of you who gave us feedback for your valuable comments. We did not only fix reported bugs but also polished the user interface, and again increased the performance of the web reports.

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