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What's new in Delta2D 4.5

3D support for inspecting complete expression profiles

For reviewing a certain spot across all images Delta2D includes the Gel Image Regions view for a long time already.

We have now enriched this view by adding a 3D perspective. This allows for a detailled inspection of the same spot across all images, e.g. if you are in doubt whether there is a spot or not or whether the spot should be split into two.

You can synchronously

  • rotate a spot on all images,
  • zoom in and out, and
  • review a region even if there is no detected spot.

Furthermore you can select a certain spot which is visible in the 3D view.

Web Reports: New design and increased performance

The renown web reports in Delta2D have been tuned. They not only look much more modern, their structure has been improved as well:

  • modern look and feel facilitates to explore your data, especially for large projects,
  • stay focussed since subreports appear as overlays.

Saving reports is now possible within each single report, but also from the report index for the complete reports structure:

  • publish your results on your website,
  • send your findings to colleagues or cooperation partners.

Of course the web reports are still highly customizable:

  • based on CSS, you can easily use your corporate design,
  • an open API allows for changing the report content.

Looking for examples?

Light Table and Warping Setup: Free layout now persistent

Arranging groups and images in the Light Table or Warping Setup, respectively, allows to improve the project overview and explain the analysis strategy to colleagues and supervisors. Besides predefined layouts you can arrange the objects freely, and your layout now persists with saving the project.

When opening the project again, the free layout still looks as previously defined.

Other improvements

For every new version of Delta2D, we implement improvements based on valuable feedback from our customers. Here is a partial list for Delta2D 4.5:

  • Spot detecion dialog is now hidden for the first spot detection.
  • Modifications of labels on hidden images are reflected in statistic tables immediately.
  • Project changes regarding group order result in an enabled save button.
  • Some exceptions which have been reported have been fixed.

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