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What's new in Delta2D 4.4

Statistical analysis made easy

Statistical analysis is easier than ever. Delta2D includes a variety of methods, among them also non-parametric tests which become more and more important.

We consequently deal with "expression profiles". Each expression profile is the combination of the spots for a certain protein across all images. They are presented as single rows in tables. Once you select a spot, now its complete expression profile is selected. This makes it easy to identify the related protein spots on the other images. Of course, each single protein spot can be labeled on each image seperately.

The different views on your data like image views, data tables and statistical analyses, are synchronized with each other. For this reason you can easily select a certain set of spots in one view and they are automatically highlighted in the other views. Furthermore reports for this set of protein spots are available through just one click.

Spot annotations allow for enriching images with protein information

You can use labels to attach suplemental information to your protein spots of interest. E.g. data available in UniProt can easily be saved with a certain protein spot provided you know the protein name. Instead of doing a lot copy and paste work, Scouts query this information from the web ressource automatically.

To not loose control on larger amounts of labels, their visibility is now connected with the visibility of its spot. That means, if you filter spots, the respective labels are hidden with the spot boundaries unless you explicitely make them visible again.

Since Delta2D is based on image warping, it is also easy to move or copy labels between images from different gels.

Other improvements

For every new version of Delta2D, we implement improvements based on valuable feedback from our customers. Here is a partial list for Delta2D 4.4:

  • Bar Charts now reflect the status of gel image visibity: spot quantities for hidden images are now hidden in the bar charts.
  • Reports show a warning if the project has changed when reloading a report. Tables in reports are sortable now.
  • Statistics are again easier to use since some default setting have been changed to recommended parameters, such as "Complete linkage Clustering" for HCL and ST analyses or  "Euclidian Distance" for T-Test analyses in HCL dialogs.
  • "Change Pool" button now available in "New Project" dialog.
  • Main window title bar shows product version, the name of the current project, and the path to the pool now.
  • Users working with Windows(TM) do not need administrator priviligees anymore for handling licenses.

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