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DECODON supports Summerschool 2019

This year again, the Institute of Microbiology in Greifswald, Germany, offers its annual international Proteomics Summer School from 24 to 29 June 2019. The one-week course organized by Prof. Dörte Becher & Prof. Katharina Riedel includes a theoretical and a laboratory section, as well as practical experience with image analysis with Delta2D and data visualization with Paver.

Sufficient licenses for every workplace enable every participant to gain his own experience in his individual pace during the Summer School's practice.

The licenses for Delta2D and Paver are sponsored by DECODON and can be used by every participant of the Proteomics Summer School for the complete duration of the course plus the following three months for free.

Please find details on the course on the Proteomics Summer School site, where you can also download a flyer with more information.

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