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How can I export the table as a spreadsheet (e.g. to Excel)?

Quantitation Tables can easily be exported as a spreadsheet by choosing Export -> Export Spreadsheet from a table's menu.

LibreOffice may have problems with displaying boolean values properly. If you are using LibreOffice and experience this problem, you can let GasPedal export boolean values as '0' and '1' instead of 'TRUE' and 'FALSE': add 'export.xlsx.boolean=false' to the file 'GasPedal.ini' (to be found in your user home, subdirectory '.GasPedal').

For importing report data, Excel offers a very nice function to easily import data from HTML files:

  • Copy the URL of your report from your browser's address bar.
  • Open MS Excel and go to 'Data' -> 'Import External Data' -> 'New Web Query' (in MS Excel 2007: switch to the Data panel and click on 'From Web' in the 'Get External Data' part).
  • Paste the URL into the address field of the 'New Web Query' dialog.
  • Click on the little arrow next to the table to be imported into MS Excel. The symbol should change into a checkmark.
  • Click on the 'Import' button. The data will be imported into your MS Excel sheet.

Last update on 2017-08-08 by Detlev Bielz.

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