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How can I set a proxy for GasPedal?

GasPedal needs to contact our web server for three possible reasons:

  • to validate special, so called 'web checked' licenses
  • to use Scouts for aquisition of data from web-based databases
  • to check for updates

If your network situation demands to set your internet browser to use a proxy, then GasPedal very likely will need the same settings, otherwise you will see error messages saying that the license server or the update server could not be connected.

GasPedal enables you to specify a proxy very easily:

Open the Options window (GasPedal menu: Tools -> Options) and switch to the "General" settings.

Choose the "Web" Tab.

The default setting is to use the system proxy settings. If you have specified proxy settings for your computer in the control panel these will be used by GasPedal as well. Please note, that the proxy settings are not apopted by GasPedal if your computer determines them by an automatic configuration script.

To specify individual proxy settings for GasPedal, simply tick the radio button Manual Proxy Settings and type in the host name or ip address and the proxy port into the respective fields.

If you are using a floating license it might be necessary to do additional adjustments. Please ask your network or computer administrator whether or not the GasPedal license server is reachable via the proxy. If yes, you are done with the proxy settings. If not, you will need to exclude the license server from proxying: please click on the button More you see below the proxy field. There you can specify the host name or ip address of your license server in the No Proxy Hosts: field. Multiple entries can be separated with a comma.

Please note, that if your proxy settings done here are not correct and hence GasPedal cannot contact the license server, it might happen, that GasPedal does not start any more. In this case you will have to edit the corresponding settings file manually to reenable GasPedal to start. You can find it in your GasPedal settings folder:

<your user home>\.GasPedal\config\Preferences\org\netbeans\

It looks like this:

proxyType=2                                     # 0 = no proxy, 1 = system settings, 2 = as specified here
proxyHttpHost=yourproxhost                      # proxy host name or ip address
proxyHttpPort=4711                              # proxy Port, default is 80 or 8080
useProxyAuthentication=true                     # only necessary if authentication is required
proxyAuthenticationUsername=yourloginname       # only necessary if authentication is required
proxyAuthenticationPassword=yourpassword        # only necessary if authentication is required
proxyNonProxyHosts=localhost||foo|bar  # list of host names or ip addresses

You will not see all parameters in your file, only those you specified a value for.

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