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Where can I get a demo of Paver?

You can just download it plus the demo data and try it. You can even load your own data, which should just have one of certain accepted formats.

When having loaded data it will be shown blurred. Move your mouse pointer to review the visualization for a small region and activate your data to have full access to it. Activations demand for credits which need to be purchased in advance, the activation of our demo data is free when using the evaluation account (access details given here).

Last update on 2015-08-06 by Markus Kolbe.

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Comment by David S. Reiner, Ph.D. |

Beautiful way to present proteomics and may want to buy but need to try it for myself first.
If thats possible, I would very much appreciate it.
Hope it works on a Mac though :-)

Great work, beautiful paper!

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