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From Image Fusion to Publication Part I: Spot Detection, Normalization, and Statistics Basics

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DECODON Academy invited to the first part of our two-part webinar "From Image Fusion to Publication" which will focus on spot detection, normalization, and statistics basics.

You are analyzing your 2D gels and are wondering which are the optimal settings for spot detection? You are uncertain about spot normalization and would like to check and – if necessary – correct it? You have spot quantities but don't know how to proceed the analysis?


DECODON Academy Webinar

From Image Fusion to Publication Part I
Spot Detection, Normalization, and Statistics Basics

answered these questions by focussing on:

  • How can I find optimal parameters for spot detection?
  • When and how do I to split, add, and merge spots to get reliable quantities?
  • Which normalization method shall I choose and what do I have to take into consideration?
  • Delta2D's Quantitation Table – What's in it for you?

You want to learn more? Great! This is the first part of a two-part webinar called "From Image Fusion to Publication". In November 2012, we invited to the second part: a webinar on more statistics, spot labeling, preparing results for spot picking, and importing MS results which ends up with material ready for your next publication.

Kind regards,

The DECODON Academy Team

[img: Spot Detection Dialog]

Recording available

(Recorded and published with speaker's permission.)

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