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Doctor´s Office: Trouble Shooting in 2D Electrophoresis

During 2D electrophoresis some steps still contain certain challenges. We are happy that we could present Dr. Reiner Westermeier, who has given a talk in our

DECODON Academy Webinar

Doctor´s Office:
Trouble Shooting in 2D electrophoresis

Dr. Westermeier (Serva GmbH, Germany), is an internationally renowned expert for 2D Electrophoresis and author, e.g. of the laboratory guide "Electrophoresis in Practice: A Guide to Methods and Applications of DNA and Protein Separations".

He shares his experience from almost 30-year practice with you and present tips and tricks for achieving best results while avoiding pitfalls.
Dr. Westermeier's talk covers

  • Sample Preparation
  • IEF: First dimension
  • SDS PAGE: second dimension
[img: Problem Gel]

Recording available

(Recorded and published with speaker's permission.)


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