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Boost Your GCxGC Analysis

GasPedal is your brand new software for the analysis of your large GCxGC data. GasPedal is built upon Delta2D; since nearly 20years the technical leading analysis software for 2D gel images.

Benefit from GasPedal´s unique combination of powerful features, e.g. the SmartVectors™ Technology. You will extract more information from your GCxGC runs – in a fast way. Manage big projects at one place. Make most reliable statistical analysis thanks to full spot profiles without missing values, using our 100% Spot Matching approach.

GasPedal's well developed features like fast visual analysis, exceptionally reliable spot matching and quantitation, as well as versatile tools for sorting, filtering and annotating, unite all you need in one easy to learn application.

Interested in profiling the composition of your volatile sample? Profit from GasPedal's speed, power and our expertise in analyzing 2D images.

Evaluating GasPedal

We offer one-to-one demonstrations of GasPedal over the Web. All you need is an Internet connection and a Web browser. If you'd like to request a demo, please contact our sales team today.

Test the trial version to find out how you can benefit from GasPedal:


If you face technical questions, please consult the GasPedal support area.

More in-depth information about the usage of GasPedal is available in the support area and in our knowledge base.

And last but not least: We're looking forward to your comments, suggestions, and questions.

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