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Paver Example

Paver is a software product for the analysis and visualization of large OMICs data sets, including data from transcriptome, proteome and / or metabolome analyses. A newly developed integrated visualization technique aggregates complete sets of expression data with available biological knowledge from a variety of gene functional classification systems on a minimum of screen space. This makes it possible to visualize expression sets as a whole without any kind of pre-filtering.

Paver combines expression data and functional classification to build a visual display of all detected mRNAs or proteins of the biological system under investigation. In contrast to other approaches Paver can integrate the whole set of experimental data with a maximum of biological knowledge already available.

Gene functional classification systems organize genes / proteins according to their function in (quasi-)hierarchical systems. Paver supports:

  • Gene Ontology
  • KEGG Brite
  • Riley scheme derivatives (e.g. TIGR classifications, Genolist classifications)
  • Clusters of Orthologous Groups (COG)
  • Open Biologicy Ontologies (OBO)
  • gene regulatory data
  • custom classification schemes.

Paver finds and highlights genes and proteins that behave similarly; grouping by function makes them available for further interpretation and analysis. This allows you to find interesting functional coherencies within biological systems and to discover new patterns never seen before in your expression data.

Evaluating Paver

Test the trial version to find out how you can benefit from Paver:


and continue getting started with Paver and our example data.

With this version you can easily activate your data in case you have purchased the necessary number of Paver Consumable credits

And last but not least: We're looking forward to your comments, suggestions, and questions.

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