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New in the World of GCxGC Analysis: the brandnew GasPedal

Fast and Reliable Profiling with the brandnew GasPedal

With GasPedal you start into a new era of analyzing your data both visually and quantitatitve in one well-integrated software platform. Nearly 20 years of innovation, experience and knowlegde in software development for the analysis of 2D-gel-electrophoresis images now meet in GasPedal.

GasPedal combines fast visual analysis, exceptionally reliable spot matching and quantitation with versatile tools for sorting, filtering and annotating spot data, as well as exceptional powerful statistical tools, in one easy to learn application.

Import your raw data in CDF or mzML format directly into GasPedal and get a two-dimensional chromatogram image within seconds.

Always stay linked to your raw data by instantly accessing your spectra at any location on your images. Use them to compare spectra from different runs (e.g. to support matching) or quickly copy spectra into the clipboard to search in external databases like NIST without any hassle.

GasPedal takes you to your results in only five steps with its well proven interactive workflow guide:

  • Setup Project: Import and group your data sets to handle even large projects
  • Warp Images: Eliminate possible running differences between the GCxGC runs automatically. Optimize the warping comparing spectra on pairs of chromatogram images.
  • Detect spots on an artifical two-dimensional GCxGC image, which merges all information of your complete experiment, and Quantify Spots using the consensus spot pattern tranferred on every image. This avoids missing values.
  • Analyze Spot Profiles quickly by using the filter and sorting capabilities, or investigate your spot profiles in-depth with powerful statistical methods to approve your final list of interesting volatiles.
  • Present Results e.g. in unique eye-catching HTML reports, presentation slides, or simply in tables for external processing.

GasPedal, the easy to use software solution, will let you extract more information from your GCxGC runs – in a fraction of the time.

Download your free evaluation version of GasPedal 1.0 now.

Delta2D 4.7 Released

New in Delta2D 4.7: A Unique Report to Compare 2D Western Blots and 2D Gels

The detection, identification, or quantification of process-related impurities from host cell proteins (HCP), undesirable in final products, became more important during the last years. 2D Western Blotting is the state-of-the-art technology for the determination of HCP coverage.

Since more then 10 years Delta2D enables you to find interesting proteins most reliably and in shortest time in an easy to learn workflow, for both single (chemiluminescence or colorimetric) and multiplex (fluorescence) detection approaches.

[img: results as table and venn]

For a more comprehensive presentation of your analysis results we added the Blotting report in Delta2D 4.7. It extends the benefits of the known reports by an unique individual workflow for the comparison of 2D Western Blots and 2D Gel images.

[img: total result as table]

In our classic workflow you detect the consensus spot pattern on a fusion image and transfer it to all other images to get 100 % spot matching. However, to enable the determination of coverage values between Western Blots and Gel images, finally you have to narrow down the spot sets on the individual images by given constraints. To do so, Delta2D offers powerful filter tools in the spot tables as well as complex algorithms and tests in the analysis module. Once you have your individual spot sets per image, the new Blotting report will do the rest for you.

You're interested in a customized and automatic report version? - Just ask our application team.

As a matter of course we want to thank all of you who gave us feedback for your valuable comments. We did not only fix reported bugs but also polished the user interface, and again increased the performance of the web reports.

Here is your motivation to decide for updating your version of Delta2D: Save 16% discount for updating your version to the current Delta2D version 4.7 (released today). This offer is valid for all orders placed until Dec 16, 2016!

When will you start using the most modern software for analyzing your 2DE gels? With Delta2D you'll get reliable results, remarkable time savings, and unmet visualization. Download your free evaluation version of Delta2D 4.7:


15 Years DECODON

DECODON is now working for your benefit for more than 15 years! And we still enjoy working hard to improve helpful software solutions for Life Sciences: Delta2D, Paver, and MS Repo.

We like to share our joy with our customers - we wouldn't be where we are without their help. We'd like to invite all users to update their Delta2D installation.

Though we can imagine that everyone is still content with the installed version there is no doubt that the newer versions are even better.

Here is the motivation for making the update decision:

  • Get a 30% discount for updating an old version to Delta2D 4.2 (released in 2010)!
  • Additionally we provide another 15% for the update step from 4.2 to the current version 4.6 (released recently).
Delta2D 3.X > 4.2 > 4.6

To get an idea of what has been improved in the latest and some of the previous versions please read on here.

As an example, the discounted update price (plus tax, if applicable) for an
academic single seat license is:

  • only 3490 € from any 3.X version to 4.2, and
  • only 2790 € from version 4.2 to 4.6

This offer is limited until March 31, 2016!
Contact us and request a quote for your indvidual Delta2D package.

Please note:

With the beginning of next year we will terminate the support for Delta2D versions 4.1 and older.
So don't hesitate and make use of this special update offer!
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