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Paver Change Log

Paver 2.1

2.1.7 (20171120150112)

  • Fixed a problem on computing large squarified treemaps. [7967]
  • Fixed the representation of the Paver version data in the 'About -> Details' dialog.

2.1.5 (20171016131412)

  • Feature: enabled loading of GO annotation file as GO treemap extension. [#166]
  • Paint performance for large treemaps was improved.
  • A problem with not releasing memory on closing treemaps has been fixed. [7965]

2.1.4 (20171012101425)

  • Deadlock occuring under certain circumstances was fixed.
  • The digest computation of loaded xml visualization treemaps was corrected.
  • Java has been updated from version 8u66 to 8u144 for Windows and MacOSX and to 8u102 for Linux.
  • A problem when loading problematic genome view gff data files has been fixed: Paver now shows warning 'unknown features' and loads the rest [7880]

2.1.3 (20151123132009)

  • Fixed a problem on loading treemaps in path, simple or treemap definition format: now Paver considers the last colon as separator between the nodes name and id instead of the first.
  • Java 8 was updated from version 8u60 (8u45 on MacOSX and Linux) to 8u66 on all platforms.
  • Fixed a problem on loading treemap with labels containing just of a word wrap separator character like "-".
  • Introduced a new treemap definition file format. (the import and export menu items are only visible when the -J-Dpaver.tmd=true option is used)
  • Fixed a problem on loading a treenodesize set: now the size value of a node is the sum of all children sizes or if there is no child with a size it's own size from the set. [7786]
  • Fixed a problem with color formats in color file. [7784]

2.1.2 (20150820171110)

  • Java has been updated from version 6u45 to 6u60 in full installers for Windows and MacOSX (
  • Fixed problem "SSLPeerUnverifiedException: peer not authenticated" when activating items [7588]
  • Fixed erraneous error message "Damaged Image" when installing Paver on MacOS

2.1.1 (20150717182137)

  • Fixed ClassNotFoundException: com.decodon._.pC on installing Paver
  • Improved export of SVG treemaps.
  • Enhanced consumable activation dialog to show statuscolumn and selected items count.
  • Fixed a problem occuring if just one time point for a stream graph ist selected. [7706]
  • Improved consumable activation: login user name is now remembered across Paver sessions for next activation. [7749]
  • Fixed a problem with showing selected nodes in treemap. [7751]
  • Paver now shows already activated consumable items (not preselected) in activation dialog, if they belong to a model with not activated items. [7550]
  • Simplified installation: Paver is now installed with a default consumable license (ID 30006) included.

2.1.0 (20150628180058)

  • In Paver consumable, activation of average expression data for treenode size sets is now free if base expression data is activated.
  • Paver now remembers consumable login password for next activation during Paver runtime.
  • Paver consumable now selects all not activated consumable items when activation dialog is opened.
  • Paver consumable now shows the activation banner under the toolbar and allows activation of all pending consumable items.

Paver 2.0

was the first public release of Paver.

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