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Getting Started

The Getting Started Guide helps to get through an example analysis as quick as possible - following our recommended workflow. It is available for normal as well as for DIGE experiments. Read it online, print it, or ask us for a copy - and enjoy working with Delta2D!

Each version of the Getting Started Guide is referring to a complete set of example data. Please find each data set below.

Normal experiments

The Getting Started Guide is available in different languages.

Click one of the symbols below to load the respective PDF file:

Getting StartedErste SchrittePremière étapesPrimeros pasosPierwsze Kroki Primi passi

DIGE experiments

The Getting Started Guide for DIGE experiments is available in different languages as well.

Click on one of the symbols below to load the respective PDF file:

Getting Started DIGEErste Schritte DIGEPremière étapes DIGEPrimeros pasos DIGEPierwsze Kroki DIGE

Example Data

Download the Delta2D sample data for the example project described in the Getting Started guide or for a small multiplex experiment:

Delta2D sample data (8.89 MB) with the data for the normal example project:
six gels of Bacillus subtilis 168, treated with salt stress, in three groups of two replicates each:

  • Control
  • 1min (after 1 minutes)
  • 10min (after 10 minutes)

Delta2D DIGE sample data (47.97 MB) with the data for the DIGE example project:
three gels (Gel1, Gel2 and Gel3) containing three replicates of two samples each:

  • Sample A (Cy3 images)
  • Sample B (Cy5 images)
  • Internal Standard (Cy2 images)

We thank Dr. Maria Zellner and Prof. Dr. Rudolf Oehler (Medical University of Vienna) for the DIGE gel images.

Unpack the archive to some place on your computer, start Delta2D, and follow the guidelines of the Getting Started Guide. The sample data like gel images, match maps and quantitations can be found in the subfolder "samples" in the archive.

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