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DECODON Software is a bioinformatics company that develops innovative software for the modern Life Sciences. Its bioinformatics tools are helping scientists to generate knowledge from the massive amounts of data that are accumulated by recent methods in global functional genomics.

The company brings together specialists with diverse backgrounds from Molecular Biology, Computer Science and Mathematics. Software development at DECODON is driven by the needs of leading researchers in the field of functional genomics and realized by using advanced methods from various areas of Mathematics and Informatics. DECODON's products, Delta2D, a program for fast analysis of 2D electrophoresis images, and Protecs, an information system for functional genomics studies, prove the efficiency of this approach.

The company has its head office in Greifswald, in direct neighborhood to biotech companies as well as the institutes of Micro- and Molecular Biology, and Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Greifswald. Close cooperation with these and other academic institutions gives DECODON access to state of the art technology and methods in both Life Sciences and Informatics.

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