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Standardisierte + quantitative Western Blots: Smart Protein Layers!

Technologie + Auswertung
Freies DECODON Academy Webinar: "Standardisierte + quantitative Western Blots: Smart Protein Layers!"
Dr. Jan Heise präsentierte die Technologie, mit der Sie Western Blots quantitativ auswerten können.


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Do more with Your 2DE Gel Data: Visualize, Present, and Report Your Results

Presenting and publishing results is not limited to numbers in tables. Visualization makes your results most understandable.

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Doctor´s Office: Trouble Shooting in 2D Electrophoresis

Dr. Reiner Westermeier, renowned expert for 2D Electrophoresis with almost 30-year practice, presented some highlights from a broad range of tips and tricks which help to rescue results and avoid pitfalls.


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Comparative Fluorescence Gel Electrophoresis (CoFGE)

DECODON Academy invited to the free webinar about a new 2D approach "Comparative Fluorescence Gel Electrophoresis (CoFGE) ".
Prof. Simone König has been talking about her technique to improve the reproducibility of 2D gels by using a reference protein spot grid.


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Quantitative Analysis of 2DE Gels: Based on Warping, Spot Detection, and Normalization

Delta2D is based on an innovative software concept with an intuitive approach for creating complete expression profiles across the gel images. In this webinar you learn why image warping and image fusion are helping to save analysis time while receiving more reliable results.


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Stress Response: Effect on the Proteome at a Glance

This webinar covers the importance of stress response and its visualisation.


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2DE Gel Experiments: Project Setup with Delta2D

Setting up a project in Delta2D is quite easy - even for DIGE projects.


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From Image Fusion to Publication Part II: Picklist export, MS data import, Web queries, Reporting

Having found interesting protein spots (expression profiles), it is usually required to identify these proteins and consider additional information which is available in web ressources like UniProt.

In this webinar we addressed these aspects and showed how the resulting information can be published and presented.


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Experimental Design and Statistics for 2-DE data

DECODON Academy has held another free webinar on experimental design of and statistics for 2D gel projects.


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Working with Color Coding, Exporting features, and Reports

This free webinar focussed on visual presentations such as Color Coding, exporting to MS PowerPoint, and Reports.

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