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We are working with a number of partners. Some help us as distributors to sell our products (as we do help them). If your do not find a distributor who is working in your area, please contact us directly.

In case you would like to sell our products in your territory, just send us a message and we get in touch with you.

Are you looking for a distributor in Germany or Europe? We have built up a very good reputation, not only regarding our products but also our responsive support. Contact us and we will see where we can go together!

Other partners are interested in contributing their expertise to help us providing even better solutions. We can not list them all - they are just too many since we regard every customer to be a source of inspiration - and hope for your understanding if we have missed to mention you.

Alphatech Systems

Distributor, active in New Zealand

Alphatech Systems Limited

PO Box 62 613
Auckland 1546
New Zealand

Alphatech Systems has been working with New Zealand scientists since 1983, supplying a broad range of scientific equipment and consumables.

For 2D applications Alphatech Systems supplies Delta2D and full 2D gel electrophoresis equipment, labelling kits and imaging systems from NH DyeAGNOSTICS.


Distributor, active in China

APG Bio Limited

Room 301, Building 21, South City,
No.7580 Humin Road
Minhang district, Shanghai

APG Bio Ltd is a leading distributor in China. They serve as a qualified communicator for life science. The progress of biology research is based on the update of specific methodology. APG Bio Ltd is always keeping a keen eye and holding a professional attitude to discover new products with significant technical features, and introduce them into China market timely.

To researchers, APG Bio Ltd is senior application consultant, providing better solution and service.


Distributor, active in Japan

Hulinks Inc.

 5-14 Nihonbashi Hakozaki-cho, Chuo-ku
103-0015 Tokyo

Hulinks has long experience in selling and supporting scientific software.


Distributor and Partner, active in Germany and worldwide:

Kapelan GmbH

Bio-Imaging Solutions
Prager Straße 60
04317 Leipzig

Kapelan has developed LabImage 1D, an innovative software for 1D gels. It is part of an integrated platform including further sophisticated solutions.


Distributor and Partner, active in Germany and worldwide:


Weinbergweg 23
06120 Halle

NH DyeAGNOSTICS has developed exciting dyes for fluorescence imaging. They can be used for multiplexing and have been shown to be at least as sensitive as other available labeling kits.

We join forces with NH DyeAGNOSTICS and Serva to organize kind of a roadshow which has led us to a number of Proteomics hot spots. At each site a set of interesting talks is given and some products are presented to show our latest innovations.
If you are interested to host this event, just contact us and we will check whether it fits into the upcoming schedule.

Academic Partners

Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald, Germany

Institute for Microbiology
Professor Riedel, Professor Hecker
Department of Microbial Physiology

Interfaculty Institute for Genetics and Functional Genomics
Professor Völker
Department of Functional Genomics

Institut für Marine Biotechnologie e.V.

Professor Schweder
Walther-Rathenau-Str. 49A
D-17489 Greifswald

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