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How to Purchase

Delta2D is available under flexible licensing options at affordable prices, since we like to address different environments and demands.

Licensing Options

Have a look at our licensing options and make your choice.

They include perpetual licenses

  • single machine licenses and
  • floating licenses (what is it: Wikipedia)

plus "pay as you go" options

  • rent Delta2D per month or
  • purchase it per image (Delta2D Consumable).

Then request a quote through our contact form or email us, and a sales representative will contact you.

Delta2D Consumable

Images not yet activated

Pay-as-you-go 2D gel analysis

Delta2D Consumable is a licensing option where you just pay for the number of images that you like to analyse.

With this option the price of your 2DE gel analysis software scales with your project size.

Already have an account with Delta2D Consumable credits? Login and check the current balance and previous image activations.

Details about how Delta2D Consumable works are available in this flyer:

Want to buy more consumable credits?

Consumable Credits are offered for scaled prices.

Just use our template quote below and send your order per email or fax to +49 3834 515239.

Or contact us and request your personalized formal quote by sending the receiver address, the required number of credits and your currency preference (Euro or US Dollar, other currencies upon request).

2D Gel Image Analysis Service

You can also let us use Delta2D for you. DECODON performs the complete 2D gel image analysis. Send us your images and get a report that includes:

  • dual channel images visualizing the differences in expression levels
  • a list of spots whose expression ratio exceeds a given threshold
  • quantitative data on each identified spot
  • further data analysis, as specified by the client

Prices: 120,- €, minimum fee per gel image, actual rates depend on specification and gel to gel variation


We understand that just reading about a product may leave unanswered questions.

Feel invited to install the trial version yourself, or ask us for a webdemo.


You can also request a printed Delta2D brochure or other documents that you would like to have on your desk.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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