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GasPedal Changelog

The user benefits are described in the What's New document.

GasPedal 1.0

1.0.6 Final 02 (201712211203)

  • Fixed an error message occuring under rare conditions when opening a quantitation table.
  • Improved handling of calibrations on importing images.

1.0.6 Final 01 (201712142020)

  • Fixed a problem with grouping characters in MGF exports, which could be misinterpreted in NIST search.
  • Added interpretation of attributes, which can sometimes be found in CDF files: 'scale_factor' and 'add_offset' for m/z and intensity values.
  • Spectra comparisons do not offer 'Create Match Vector' if it does not make sense, e.g. on indirectly warped images.
  • Fixed a problem sometimes occuring when alternatively computing spectra for many different CDF files.

1.0.5 Final 02 (201712072026)

  • Memory handling is strongly optimized, with dramatic effect:
    • Performance has improved significantly.
    • GasPedal can now handle much bigger files in much bigger projects with less available memory.
    • Freezes caused by memory outage have been eliminated.
  • Every quantitation table now can show an extra column with all labels linked to spots originating from all images (even hidden ones), and let the user choose which labels from which images to be shown (filter label origins).
  • The description of the spot detection dialog in the manual has been corrected.
  • Small cosmetic issues related to branding are fixed.

Note: version 1.0.5 Final 01 was not released.

1.0.4 Final 03 (201711262012)

  • Internal handling of spectra has been changed to improve performance in big projects.

1.0.4 Final 02 (201711211812)

  • A problem with hanging on batch import was fixed. [7971]
  • The manual has been updated.
  • The label column in the statistics table now has a filter to select the images to provide labels. [7375]
  • The delete button for image attributes like gel, sample and channel is now enabled again. [7968]
  • The labels in the statistic table are now sorted by image order in project explorer (hidden images last). [7928,7375]
  • The selected statistics spot attribute is now used in reports. [#136]
  • In the Spot Album Report the barchart size in barchart thumbnail is now maximized.

1.0.3 Final 01 (201709272249)

  • New Feature: now you can set the reference values of spots for project wide statistics individually for every project to:
    • Normalized Volume
    • Absolute Volume
    • Average Grey Value
    and save along with each project. It can be changed in
    • Project properties
    • Statistics Table
  • Updated shipped Java version for Windows and MacOS to Java 8 Update 144

1.0.2 Final 03 (201709111543)

  • New Feature: The Dual View now shows the mouse position also as RT1 / RT2 in the status bar.
  • In the "Image and Table Column Visibility" dialog the header check box now also reflects partial selections of the columns.
  • Fixed a problem, where GasPedal could hang when importing batches of CDF files multiple times.

1.0.2 Final 02 (201709070126)

  • Now all decimal places for modulation period and time offset specified on image import are shown in image properties.
  • On importing data, the image height is now more consistent with respect to the number of scans per modulation period.

1.0.2 Final 01 (201709042332)

  • New Feature: Now you can "Find Spectrum" everywhere in the context menu of any image to locate specific spectra. (Obviously, this refers only to images containing spectra, and not to those without spectra, e.g. Fused Images)
  • On importing data, the modulation period now can be specified with up to 10 decimal places.
  • Fixed a problem in the "Image and Table Column Visibility", where the header check box already was checked, if any box in that column was checked. Now it will only be checked, if all rows in that column are checked.

1.0.1 Final 02 (201708312241)

  • Increased precision in spectra info for RT, RT1 and RT2 to 3 fractional digits.
  • Fixed a problem where spectra charts were opened initially with different m/z ranges.
  • Fixed a problem where spot profiles in rollup were not refreshed correctly after changes in spot normalization set.

1.0.1 Final 01 (201708181325)

  • Adapted reviewed normalization by introducing calibration curves to consider huge differences in absolute Total Ion Count levels between data sets.

1.0 Final 25 (201708161941)

  • Fixed a NPE when opening the spectra comparison for a match vector on an inverse pair. [7956 resp. 7955]

1.0 Final 24 (201708152319)

  • Fixed a problem, where exporting a project did not include spectra artifacts.

1.0 Final 23 (201707211722)

  • Zoomed region in spectrum chart now stays in the selected zoom state when selecting another chart to display (when clicking on another thumbnail)
  • When opening the spectrum chart with the label tool by clicking on a label named with the spectrum number, choosing another spectrum from the thumbnails and clicking on "Snap", the label will change its name to the number of the new spectrum it was moved to.

Note: version 1.0 Final 22 was not released.

1.0 Final 21 (201707191738)

  • Changed behaviour when zooming into spectrum charts (thumbnails now zoom in as well)

1.0 Final 20 (201707182227)

  • Initial public release

Note: The versions 1.0 Final 01 to 1.0 Final 20 have not been released.

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