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Getting Started

The Getting Started Guide helps to get through an example analysis as quick as possible - following our recommended workflow. Read it online, print it, or ask us for a copy - and enjoy working with GasPedal!

Each version of the Getting Started Guide is referring to a complete set of example data. Please find each data set below.

GasPedal Getting Started Guide

The Getting Started Guide is available in English.

Click on the symbol below to load the PDF file:

Getting Started

Example Data

Download the GasPedal sample data for the example project described in the Getting Started guide:

with the data for the example project:

6 chromatograms of pinapple (variety Smooth Cayenne), comparison of 3 different juices with 2 replicates each:

- DJP (direct juice pasteurized)
- CR (concentrate (22.5%) and recovery aroma (2.5%))
- JRP (juice of pinapple rests pasteurized)

We thank Dr. Christof Steingaß, University of Hohenheim, and PD Dr. Hans-Georg Schmarr, Competence Center for Wine Research (DLR), for the sample chromatograms.

Please import the sample data in GasPedal with these settings:

Modulation Period = 6.0
Time Offset = 2.0

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