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Paver Installation Instructions

The installation files dedicated to a certain operating system are tailored to a seamless integration into your operating system's look and feel.

The installation files include the needed java version as a private installation, only used by Paver. Any other java installation, installed prior to or after Paver, is not being bothered by Paver's java installation. And, vice versa, any updating of a system wide java installation will not interfere with Paver's functionality.

Installation on Windows

To install Paver on Windows, you might need to have administrator rights for this session, depending on the configuration of your computer.

The installation source usually comes as one single executable file, named either simply "setup.exe" or "Paver-XX.exe", where "XX" denotes the platform of the respective install file. Simply execute this file by double clicking it and follow the instructions of the installation dialogue.

Installation on Mac OS X

Prerequisites: From 02/2015 on there are no special prerequisites

The installation source for Paver for Mac comes as a zip-packed file called "Paver-macosx.dmg". Double click on the resulting setup application to start the installation process and follow its instructions.

Double click on Paver(.app) in the install folder to start Paver.

Installation on Linux

As for Windows, the installation source for Paver comes as one single executable file, called "Paver-linuxXX.bin". 'XX' stands in this case for 32 or 64-bit linux. Start this file with a single or double click (according to the settings of your window manager) or from the console. If it does not start it might be necessary to make the downloaded file executable: in the console, please type

chmod +x Paver-linuxXX.bin

(XX again standing for 64/32-bit version)

As target directory for your installation you can specify any directory you have write permission for.

Importing a License File in Paver

Paver is copy-protected by a license file that is verified by our server. So your computer needs a functionable Internet connection to be able to work with Paver.

  • By default, Paver comes with an included consumable license. If you have another license, e.g. a full license, you will have to either replace or deactivate the included license file. To do so, please locate the file 'license.lfk' in your installation folder and rename it to, let's say 'license.lfk.bak'. Now you can either place your license renamed as 'license.lfk' here, or you can simply (re)start Paver.
  • You will be prompted for a license file. Please click on the "Import" button and select the license file you either received by e-mail or downloaded from your private download area.
  • If everything works well your copy of Paver is fully licensed and operates in full mode.
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