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Getting Started Guide for Paver available

The Getting Started Guide helps to get started to create visualisations with example data as quick as possible. Read it online, print it, or ask us for a copy - and enjoy working with Paver!

The Getting Started Guide is available in English here, together with the example data used for getting started.

Welcome GasPedal 1.1!

GasPedal is evolving on, today we released GasPedal 1.1. We improved quite some aspects of GasPedal, polished the reports and fixed quite some problems. You can find a comprehensive list of the changes in GasPedal's Change Log. Please convince yourself: Download the latest version here and evaluate it for two weeks. Contact our sales-team, if you want to evaluate longer or are interested in purchasing, renting or using GasPedal for Pay-as-you-go GCxGC analysis. Or have a look at our overview over GasPedal's flexible licensing options.

Paver 2.1.9 released

After quite a while, Paver has received an update to version 2.1.9. Near some bug fixes, Paver has been streamlined by removing experimental and confusing features, has been made more efficient and a little bit easier to handle. Please find details in the changelog of Paver.

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